Industry Canada Wireless Applications by 21923 (21923)

21923 has registered the following address with IC for their applications:

IC has provided the identification code of 21923 for all products affiliated with 21923.

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List of current license applications for 21923

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IC IDApp #ModelDate
21923-AMC043043IP4M-1058W / Speed Dome Camera (1080P WiFi PTZ) / --2018-04-04
21923-AMC026029IP4M-1028B-EU / IP CAMERA / --2017-12-20
21923-MC034030IP4M-1026B-EU / IP CAMERA / --2017-12-20
21923-AMC018020IP3M-943S / IP Camera / --2017-12-19
21923-AMC015IP3M-HX2B / 2K/3MP Dualband Fixed Wireless IP Camera / --2017-11-27
21923-AMC016IPM-HX1B / I960P/1.3MP Fixed Wireless IP Camera / --2017-10-20
21923-AMC017IP3M-941B / 2K Dual Band Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera / --2017-08-16
21923-AMC000001IP2M-841W / 1080P Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera / --2017-08-14