IC 4115A-STA100 by HTC Corporation for HTC Boom Bass

IC ID: 4115A-STA100 / 4115ASTA100

Model:  ST A100

Company Number: 4115A
Company Name: HTC Corporation
Certification Number: 4115A-STA100
Approval Date: 2013-09-06
Type of Radio Equipment: Bluetooth Device
Equipment Type:Radio Equipment (RE)
Certified By: Siemic Inc.

Model:  ST A100
Spec. Iss. From
RSS210 8.0 2.402 G 2.48 G 1M12G7D 1.97 mW 1.97 mW
RSS210 8.0 2.402 G 2.48 G 1M08G7D 1.99 mW 1.99 mW
RSS210 8.0 2.402 G 2.48 G 799KF7D 1.99 mW 1.99 mW
The above model table is generated based on information received from Certification Bodies, Manufacturers or Suppliers at time of certification.

Approval Agent:
Certified On:2013-09-06
Certified By:
Siemic Inc.
Wireless Lab:SGS Taiwan Ltd.
Wireless Test Site:4620A-4
Spicific Absorbsion Test Lab:--
SAR Test Results:--

Frequency and Wireless Emission Stats

Rule SpecificaitonIssue No.Frequency RangeEmission DesignatorPower RangeField StrengthDistance
RSS210 8 2402.0 MHz - 2480.0 MHz G7D-- up to 1.99 mW -- --
RSS210 8 2402.0 MHz - 2480.0 MHz G7D-- up to 1.99 mW -- --
RSS210 8 2402.0 MHz - 2480.0 MHz 1M08G7D-- up to 1.99 mW -- --

An IC ID is the product ID assigned by Industry Canada to identify wireless products in the Canadian market. IC typically assigns businesses 3 to 5 character codes to identify the business that created the product. For example, the business code for IC 4115A-STA100 is 4115A. This particular IC Certification was filed for by HTC Corporation for implementation in their product model # HTC Boom Bass. Under "Similar Applications" below, you will find the other application and models this Industry Canada Certification ID has been filed with.

Approved Models for this IC ID:

Application ID IC ID Date Model
169757 4115A-STA100 2013-09-06 ST A100

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